Shift to Remote Access

Over the last few months, a huge shift has taken place within the computing industry and for millions of users around the world. To put this into perspective, take this into consideration –  one video conferencing company, Zoom, has grossed over 3 billion in sales within a three month period.

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Many tech support companies are still scrambling to support their users, but not Heartland Macs. Well before this shift took place, we were ready and already supporting many end users from remote sites using a wide range of software and architectures. Sadly, many businesses can’t place workers at home due to their type of business or because of shutdowns stemming from the, “essential business,” mandate. However, there is a solution!

Heartland Macs Remote Services

Heartland Macs supports just about any remote software on the market, and will help implement the right tools into your organization for better efficiency and performance. We can load tools on your machine like our Protect or Protect+ packages that will allow for easy remote help. Or with no software at all loaded on your machine, we can guide you to our remote help page so our professionals can instantly help from anywhere.

If you just have one computer at home that you need help on, or if you need management of hundreds or thousands of computers at a school or office…we can help. Digital meetings, instant messaging, video conferencing? We can help.

Online Ordering | eCommerce Web Development

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Do you have a business that could benefit from an online store with delivery or pickup options during this time? Let us help you transform your business to facilitate online sales with eCommerce online shopping cart functionality. Our team has OMCP and SEO Master Certified Technicians able to facilitate product catalogs ranging from 100-30,000 online skus items

For more information related to remote services or eCommerce web development please contact our team at 816.361.2676 or schedule a free consultation here.

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